29 Aug


Mooshup is a resource collection to build new apps using other existing services. These existing services include technologies built with JavaScript, Node, Rails, Git, Swift and other common tools or languages used today.


With the readily available SaSS solutions currently the barriers to build new applications are lowered. Most database, infrastructure, bandwidth and communication issues can be easily resolved with tapping into resources of tech giants as Amazon and Google.


Beyond the lower costs of technology, the costs of training and skill acquisition has become lower as well. For someone who wants to learn coding, there are many training platforms out there which can be used to get practical coding experience for only few dollars a month.

The Rise of JavaScript

JavaScript was originally invented in 1995. It has gone through many iterations and was not expected to live beyond year 2000 in commercial environments. However, this approach is now changed and especially with the rise of Node.js, JavaScript has become an universal programming language. Now JavaScript is used both in client-side and server-side mission critical applications. Also the JSON notation has become a widely used standard in many configurations and data communication.