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02 Jul

Android becomes the world’s most popular mobile platform. What that means to app developers?

Android becomes the world’s most popular mobile platform. What that means to app developers?

It is now officially estimated that everyday more than 1 million new Android devices are activated worldwide. This is a pretty impressive statistic given that the platform was released only few years ago. When we consider the number of activations, it has now surpassed Apple’s iOS and we can expect it to grow exponentially in the near future.

So what does that mean to Android App Developers?

As android app developers, this means you’re at a growth stage of a massive career opportunity. With all these devices and rapid adaptation worldwide, there is an ever-increasing need to power them with new apps and real-time communication.

With the open-source nature of the platform, and the multi-handset vendor process, the barrier to entry as a new app developer has become low. Even though there is a steep learning curve, anyone can get a foundational knowledge of Android app development using freely available tools on the Internet.

With the agreements with handset manufacturers, the prices of devices are dropping as well. Many developers from developing countries get the ability to buy a low-cost device and enter the App markets relatively easy.

However there’s a drawback to this. Since the barrier to entry is low, this makes the standard of some apps low as well. But this will not be a problem for a skilled developer, as they understand the fundamentals of programming. Some developers try to do the full app from design, development and marketing. However only a limited number of developers have those all-rounded skills. If you’re a new developer, I would suggest that you focus on development and hand-over the design to an experienced app designer.