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02 Sep

Simple Guide to App Marketing

So you’ve developed your app. You’re excited. You published your app to App Store and Google Play. And you’re waiting for a stampede of app downloads. You’re waiting…., and still waiting.

What’s going on here?

Most developers have this belief that if you build a great app, it will get downloaded millions of times. However the truth is far from that. There are hundreds of apps released daily, and you need to do some work up front to market your app to ensure the right people are going to hear about it.

This is where an app marketing strategy comes in.

App marketing is not creating a Facebook page and few videos. If your app is completed on a weekend, that is a reasonable approach. But most companies spend thousands of dollars and months developing an app. So the launch and promotion of your app must be planned well in advance to ensure that it is going to deliver value to your business.

A proper app marketing campaign will have release dates in phases. Beyond social media and videos, you need to use PR, blogs and even NPR to get the word out at the right time. Alternatively you can contact an app marketing agency such as app marketing australia to do this for you.

In summary, just because you can build an app, the success is not guaranteed. You need to have a proper marketing plan to get the word out there at the right time and right place.